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Protect Your Ears: Are You at Risk for Hearing Loss?

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Preserve Your Hearing with Custom Ear Plugs in Edmonton

Each job comes with its own risks and rewards, but some aren’t always immediately obvious. The risks that can impact your health should be top of mind, whether you are starting a new role or have been in the same position for many years. Your health should always be top priority.

Hearing health often deteriorates gradually, and because of this, it often gets overlooked or unnoticed – even if your work conditions are damaging. Consider the noise level at your place of work and the extremes that your ears must contend with. If you have ever arrived home with ‘ringing’ ears, a headache, or other discomfort, you may want to consider ear protection. A timely investment today in custom ear plugs in Edmonton can protect you from serious damage, discomfort, and premature hearing loss in the future.

Consider Ear Protection if You Are in One of these Professions

Some jobsites require that employees wear protective equipment, while others fail to identify loud noises and potential hearing damage as hazards of the job.

If you have any of the following roles, consider being proactive and getting custom ear plugs made to protect your ears and hearing for today and into the future:

  • Factory Worker – You may not even notice the droning sound of factory machinery anymore, but your ears are constantly processing and tuning the noise. Unexpected banging of steel, tools, sawing, and other sporadic sounds can quickly contribute to an environment where decibel levels exceed norms. Since factories are indoors, the noise can also become trapped and echo within the work space. Discuss hearing protection with your supervisor, as in some roles, it may be critical to hear clearly for safety reasons.

  • Construction Worker – Drills, jackhammers, chainsaws, cranes, and concrete cutters can be offset by the open job sites, but their proximity to the crew and especially the person operating the machinery can still cause a lot of problems. Wear appropriate safety equipment from head to toe, including custom ear plugs! Hearing loss won’t hurt as much as other injuries that can happen on the job, but it can have a major impact on your experience and lifestyle down the line.

  • Event Employees – Find yourself working security or pouring drinks at a large event? If you are unsure whether you will be positioned by a loud speaker all night, it’s better to be safe and bring ear plugs along with you. Just one night standing too close to the speaker system can leave you with days of discomfort and permanent damage.

  • Airport – The planes inspire awe no matter how many times you direct them down the runway, but don’t forget how loud they are! Jet engines are extremely loud and everyone who works on the tarmac should have hearing protection handy.

Get Hearing Protection and a Hearing Test in Edmonton.

Let your work pay you, not cost you in later years with hearing damage. Take preventative measures today with custom ear plugs and come into Alberta Hearing Service for a hearing test to determine the current state of your hearing health. Our professional staff offers a range of hearing healthcare services and can provide tests, devices, and advice for your entire family.

Contact us today to protect your hearing at work and at play. Call 780-423-0886 or 780-469-8372, or toll free 1-877-423-0886 or contact us online.


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