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Learn about Hearing Aids in Edmonton

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Hearing aids are now versatile computers that can be perfectly tailored to individual needs, thanks to cutting-edge technology. They are not only incredibly easy to wear, but they also have appealing designs. These advanced medical devices are now available at a reasonable cost.

A microphone, a computer processor, an amplifier, a speaker, and a battery are the main components of a hearing aid. The microphone detects sounds and sends them to the computer processor. The computer processor has been programmed to adjust sounds based on your hearing loss. The sounds are amplified and sent to the speaker. The speaker delivers the sound into the ear.

After performing hearing tests, we at Alberta Hearing Service provide hearing aids to enhance sounds that are necessary for communication while reducing distracting sounds, allowing users to enjoy trouble-free hearing.

A hearing aid must amplify the precise frequencies that the wearer can no longer hear well, in addition to general volume. Digital hearing aids, which are now state-of-the-art technology, can compensate for hearing loss in a specific and tailored manner across different frequency ranges. The real challenge – for both humans and technology – is to eliminate background noise. Even people with normal hearing rely on some highly complex processing systems to pick out a friend's voice during conversations in crowded restaurants, for example. In such challenging conditions, modern hearing aid devices have unique features that greatly improve speech comprehension.

Modern systems often provide multiple hearing programs for different hearing contexts, such as restaurants or listening to music, in order to deal with difficult listening environments. Background noise and annoying feedback whistling can also be reduced.

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