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Tinnitus: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options in Edmonton 

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Tinnitus is a ringing sound that can be heard in the ears or in the brain which becomes the cause of discomfort. While there is no remedy for tinnitus, there are many treatment options that can help alleviate symptoms and control the disease. Our knowledgeable professionals will meet with you to discuss the causes of tinnitus, treatment options, medical referrals, or other advanced testing.


At Alberta Hearing Service, we offer tinnitus treatment in Edmonton combined with sound therapy (table-top or ear-level sound generators or hearing aids) that will help you adapt to your tinnitus and increase your sound tolerance.

What is Tinnitus?

The experts at Alberta Hearing Service in Edmonton describe Tinnitus as a ringing sound that can be heard in the ears or in the brain. It can sound like whistling, humming, ringing, or pulsing and can occur intermittently or continuously during the day and night. Tinnitus is usually subjective, which means that only the person who is experiencing it can hear it. Tinnitus is generally associated with hearing loss, but it may also affect people who have normal hearing.

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What Treatment Options Are Available?

After experiencing tinnitus for the first time, many people go through a gradual habituation period. Though tinnitus can persist after habituation, the brain may become less fixated. This helps the individual to refocus on their daily activities and be less aware of their tinnitus.

If your tinnitus is persistent, hearing aids may help. Many hearing aids have tinnitus sound therapy programs to keep your auditory system busy and away from your tinnitus.

There are other types of sound therapy:

Sound generators and apps on mobile phones
Nature sounds
Relaxation / listening exercises
White noise machines
Sound pillows

While a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a positive attitude may help in relieving symptoms of tinnitus, it may be made worse by stress, caffeine, alcohol, and a high-salt diet. Here are several techniques for reducing tinnitus sensitivity.

Mindfulness and relaxation exercises
Proper sleep hygiene and schedule
Reduction of stress in life

Inquire with your doctor whether tinnitus is identified as a possible side effect of any medications you're taking.

Keeping Your Ears Protected

Since loud noises can cause or aggravate hearing issues, wear hearing protection when you are around the noises like below:

Lawnmowers, power machines, guns, and motorsports
Noisy concerts and sports activities

Alternatively, invest in musician's earplugs, which can minimize noise while maintaining music sound quality. We can develop a care plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We should work together to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus so you can resume your normal routine without anxiety and distraction.


Have a Hearing Related Question in Mind?

Our experienced professionals can help.


Make Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

With regular maintenance and check-ups for proper functioning.

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