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Professional Hearing Tests in Edmonton for Adults

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A hearing test in Edmonton at Alberta Hearing Service is a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing ability. If you are affected by hearing loss, you may consult with our hearing professionals on how hearing aids can help improve your hearing.

What Does a Hearing Test Involve and How Long Does It Take?

A standard adult hearing test takes about 40 minutes, followed by a consultation to review the results. We begin with a thorough case history and otoscopic examination. 

A pure tone air conduction and bone conduction audiogram, speech testing, and a tympanometric assessment are the three elements of a typical hearing test.

A pure tone stimulation is presented at various intensities during pure-tone testing to determine the faintest sound a person can hear.
Speech testing determines a person’s most comfortable listening level, uncomfortable listening level, ability to hear soft speech, and ability to distinguish words.
A tympanometric examination assesses the health and mobility of the eardrum and middle ear system.

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Make Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

With regular maintenance and check-ups for proper functioning.

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