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Authorized Dealers of Major Hearing Aid Brands in Edmonton

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Do you want to gain better insight into the best hearing aid manufacturers? Then contact Alberta Hearing Service for assistance. Our hearing aid experts can provide you with extensive knowledge on hearing aid brands in Edmonton like Signia, Phonak and Unitron, and advice on various hearing aid options. All of our consultations and recommendations are personalized to your precise requirements. We provide the most reputable hearing aid brands at competitive prices.

Alberta Hearing Service provides hearing aids and other accessories from the following brands:


Know More About Top Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak aims to create hearing aids that provide the best possible solution for its users as a brand. With a crisp natural sound, brilliant speech understanding, personalized noise cancelling, smart apps and remote control, Phonak hearing aids are awe-inspiring.

Signia creates one of the world’s smallest hearing aids that are almost invisible, highly adaptable and can be worn with confidence because no one else will notice them. Signia hearing aids are perfectly positioned for receiving or making calls with ease and even listening to music.

Unitron makes rechargeable hearing aids that are highly reliable and provide excellent connectivity. With Unitron hearing aids, you can enjoy hands-free phone calls, video calls and stereo media streaming.


Want to Know How Hearing Aids Work?

Get insights and technical tips from the professionals.


Make Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

With regular maintenance and check-ups for proper functioning.

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