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Customized Industrial Earplugs in Edmonton

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At Alberta Hearing Service, we believe that hearing protection is best provided by custom-made industrial earplugs in Edmonton. Many people are unaware that work related and recreational noise exposure, both continuous and sporadic, accelerates the rate of natural hearing loss. Many that do not adequately shield their ears in situations where noise is constant or excessive, such as building or manufacturing environments, run a much higher risk of permanent hearing loss.

Custom earplugs are perfect for protecting your hearing from loud noise in construction settings, industry, sandblasting, chainsaws, pneumatic drills and lawnmower, truck traffic etc.

Why Fit The Mold to My Ear?

Every ear is unique. Earmolds that are custom-fitted will increase ear comfort. Fitted molds can vastly increase the efficacy of ear protection and they can be more hygienic and cost-effective. Ear Defenders from OTO are custom-fitted to the wearer.

construction workers working on cement formwork frames

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Our ALDs can help you in social settings.


Make Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

With regular maintenance and check-ups for proper functioning.

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