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Customized Swimmers Earplugs in Edmonton

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If you swim often, you should be concerned about the risk of an ear infection. Water can not touch the ear canals if you use custom swim earplugs. At Alberta Hearing Service, our swim earplugs in Edmonton are custom-molded to suit your ear canal exactly, creating a strong seal that keeps water, bacteria, and microorganisms out. Custom swim earplugs are made of silicone and are a great way to protect yourself from ear infections while also enhancing your comfort.

Make Swimming Fun Again by Keeping Your Ears Protected

The presence of water in your ear canal is something more than a nuisance. If you swim in a pool or lake that contains bacteria or microorganisms, having water in your ear canal can cause otitis externa, a painful and potentially dangerous infection.

All of our swim earplugs are engineered and molded to create a seal over your ear canal, stopping any water from entering. You’ll have a more enjoyable time in the pool or bath, with a lower chance of ear infection and no annoying water in your ears.

Specifically Designed and Molded to Fit Snugly    

Did you know that your ears are really one-of-a-kind? Since everyone's ear canals are different, our swimming earplugs are custom-molded to fit your ears and provide a strong seal that keeps moisture out.

You can choose from a wide range of colours because all of our swimming earplugs are custom molded. Pink, neon green, purple, yellow, and orange are among the vibrant colours available, as are blue, brown, translucent, and white. You can also mix and match colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Effects of Loud Noise on Our Hearing?
    The ear is a fascinating and complex organ with fragile parts sensitive to the effects of loud noise. Thousands of sensory cells in the inner ear translate sound into nerve impulses so that the brain can understand the signal. When these hair cells are exposed to excessive sound levels, they may be damaged or gradually destroyed, resulting in hearing loss.
  • What Is the Threshold for “Too Loud”?
    We live in a noisy environment and are exposed to sounds at work, home, school, sports, traffic, clubs, theatres, and concerts regularly. These can all be fun activities, but when they become too noisy, they can become dangerous. The E-A-R research sound level scale depicts the normal sound levels we may encounter and when they become hazardous to our ears. Long-term exposure to 85dB is usually enough to cause hearing loss, but the length of time/duration of exposure is also important.
  • What Should I Do to Safeguard My Hearing?
    If you wish to protect your hearing, there are a variety of options available: earplugs, both custom and non-custom (the popular yellow earplugs); earmuffs, musician plugs, HiFi earplugs, and so on. They come in a variety of bright colours, making them easy to spot and less likely to be misplaced. When you're at work, coworkers will see if you're wearing gear that protects your ears. When they want to connect with you, this shows them they need to get your attention first.

Get Your Own Custom Earplugs Today

It couldn't be easier to get your own custom-made swim earplugs. Simply come into our clinic, and we will assist you in selecting the appropriate earplugs for your ear shape and needs.


Industrial Earplugs

Safeguard your ears from loud noise at work.


Make Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

With regular maintenance and check-ups for proper functioning.

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